Kevin went through the public school system growing up in Calgary's Lake Bonavista neighborhood. Upon graduating with Honors from Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School, Kevin enrolled at the University of Calgary where he somehow managed to attain his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering despite becoming an avid 30-day a season skier. With 15-years of work and management experience under his belt and as a life-long learner, Kevin nervously enrolled for a Master of Business Administration degree choosing the Alberta Haskayne Executive MBA programme.


Chemical Engineering & Software Development

His work experience upon graduating in 1984 from the University of Calgary began with an entrepreneurial flavour, joining a highly successful process simulation software company called Hyprotech, which was then in its infancy.  As part of this high-performance team, Kevin experienced tremendous growth, reaching 450 employees world-wide over his 19-year career there. The work ethic and drive to take on and surmount challenges far larger than your britches were learned early on.  

Engineering Management

Following Hyprotech being acquired in 2001, Kevin changed tack, and for a number of years provided management consulting for local software companies before settling into the world of process control and automation. Upon the urging of a close friend he again took on a leadership role, as an Engineering Manager for Emerson Process Management. His team designed and installed sophisticated process control systems for large greenfield capital asset projects in the oil & gas and oil sands industries. Some of Kevin’s most challenging work situations were thoughtfully managing through the downturn of the global financial crisis, as Emerson radically downsized its Calgary presence.

Operations Management Consulting

Most recently, the Simulation & Modelling bug buried deep in Kevin’s DNA found him responsible for delivering an operations model for Canexus’s brand new crude oil transloading terminal that was being constructed near Fort Saskatchewan. He felt was personally doing his best to get Alberta’s pipeline-constrained oil to market in the US. As a result of sub-contracting a small company of talented Simulation Modelers from the Washington D.C. area to help build the simulation model, Kevin got to work closely with MOSIMTEC LLC, and in late 2014, the end of the project found Kevin merging his consulting operations and as President, opening the Canadian branch as MOSIMTEC Canada.


Capable, Robust, Grounded

Kevin has been resilient through the ups and downs of his career, and has made a difference in a leadership role, and as a talented individual contributor. He has an engineering-mind for problem solving, but also the wide-view of a business leader. He is able to synthesize interesting solutions with a strong undercurrent of common sense and practicality. He Is regarded by leadership and peers for strategic thinking prowess, and the ability to create unique solutions to both hard business and softer personnel issues. Kevin develops straight-forward business outcomes, grounded in common sense and practicality. Entrepreneurial DNA at the core, but competent managing and operating in the context of a large corporation.